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What are some good PDF to Excel converter? Preferably ones that also convert Secured PDF documents.

In a way this is very common question as we often needed to extract text/image from PDF. Things get bit tricky when we need to extract data in some particular format such as excel, csv or tsv. As it is already mentioned in other answers we need to know password of secured PDF as we can not extract data from encrypted PDF. There are many tools available to do this task. One of my favorite is ByteScout PDF Multitool. Please go ahead and explore this software, as it also contains tons of functionality to work with PDF. If you are developer and want programmatically solve this issue then I suggest you to explore APIs such as pdf.co pdftables.com lightpdf.com Personally I have worked with pdf.co and it satisfied my project requirements. I hope this short answer will be useful to someone. Thanks!

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P. S : The most recent version of this answer can be seen at I also want to thank a few friends in the security and identity community! I am especially thankful to my dear friend Lima from Rectum Labs.