How Much Money Should I Charge for Converting PDF to Epub?

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How much money should I charge for converting pdf to epub?

Because you are using a wrong tool on a wrong raw material. Pdf is a result of a one-way process, like printing, and in most of the cases, it does not maintain the inner logical structure of the text. Like the already mentioned hard linebreaks. The pdf is superb in retaining the page layout, this is its purpose, it “archives” the document, not the text. It has numerous consequences, that affect the “conversion” negatively. Like you can not convert a pizza into a pancake once it got baked. You need the same raw ingredients, and you can bake a pizza (pdf) or a pancake (epub). On the other hand, a proper epub handles the text perfectly, so it needs a well prepared xml to start with. And some proper tools to use well, like sigil, not Calibre. So instead of converting a pdf, use the source of the pdf, make an xml export from inDesign, it is called epub, but it is industrial grade junk. But also a good starting point to generate a readable, proper epub. But forget Calibre. It may be sufficient for home use (IMHO it is not), but definitlely unfit for creating commercial grade output.

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It was built for printing PDF, not for creating a well formatted document. As a consequence, it's far from being a good choice for producing documents, especially in a professional manner. You will certainly end up with a messy mess, and not a good-looking document. Yes, all the above is true, and it applies mostly to Caliber. There were no tools I could use at home to create a well-formatted Pub, except InDesign, and all the tutorials I found, as well as Caliber, taught me how much it varies from the ideal, compared to what is a real Pub template. There is no tool that does a real Pub, or a “Pub conversion”: creating an Export from InDesign to Pub is a one-way process again. The other problem is that Caliber uses Pub to output the document to a Caliber template. But a Caliber template is a bit problematic..

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