How Do I Convert a PDF to a Word Document for Mac?

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How do I convert a PDF to a Word document for Mac?

There is more than one way to convert a PDF to a Word document for Mac. One common way is to use an online PDF to Word converter. Such a converter won't have problems converting a native PDF with simple formatting. However, when it comes to PDFs that are complicated in formatting or scanned/image based PDFs, you will need to use professional PDF to Word converter software. The PDF converter and OCR tool for Mac that I'm using is versatile and easy to use. Step 1. Download and install the software. Open it. Step 2. Drag one or more PDF files into it. On the left, you can find an output format menu. Click it and choose to DOC or to DOCX. If you don't need to convert the entire PDF, you can enter the specific page range. Step 3. Click the Convert button. If it's a scanned PDF document, please make sure that the OCR feature is on. It's enabled by default. Also, if a scanned PDF contains foreign language, you need to select the OCR recognition language. It can also be used to create PDFs from other files.

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Convert PDF: All You Need to Know

If it's a simple document like Word doc, PowerPoint presentation can be created using this technology. It can also be used to extract files from PDF documents. If it's a complex document like Excel spreadsheet or Google doc, you can use it to import the data into Excel format. If you can't create PDFs, you can use it to create plain text from the PDF.   Step 4. That's it. What more should I know? You can download the PDF OCR software here How to create PDF to Word converter software from your computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF OCR software or PDF OCR software for Mac Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF OCR software has been created by Adobe Systems and released by Adobe Technology Incorporated. It's a free PDF file reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF OCR software will be able to convert a PDF document to your Word document. It's a free PDF reader software that's.