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How can I convert djvu to PDF on Mac OS X?

I graduated from the University of Utah almost 20 years ago. I can tell you the University of Utah suprised me in many ways. I transferred over from the University of North Carolina 2 years into my undergraduate curriculum to be near family. At first, I didn't expect much. In my mind The U was somewhat of a step down, if rankings were to be believed, and I imagined it would be easier than UNC, which at the time was among the top state schools. What I didn't imagine was how rigorous the education was there. Students were highly competative and very well prepared, which made classes tougher than I had experienced at UNC. I loved the professors. T were not just experts in their respective fields, but t were passionate about the things t taught! I was highly impressed with the School of Political Science and in partuclar one of the professors there who had been Reagan's senior advisor during the Reykjavik Summit with the Soviets. As impressed as I was with that program, nothing could top how impressed I was with the School of Anthropology. Imagine being taught rock music by the titans of rock music... well, this was the same. The school of anthropology at The U was breaking new ground in cultural anthropology, evolutionary genetics and evolutionary psychology with the line up of all time susperstars Kristen Hawkes, Henry Harpending and Elizabeth Cashdan. Sitting with these guys, discussing theory and the nature and origin of human behavior, variation and uniqueness was mindblowingly unforgettable. Even the writing program was top notch. The U was so incredibly under-ranked it made me wonder if t had intentionally kept themselves quiet for some reason. Which leads me to just the location. Utah is one of the most interesting and most beautiful locations in the US and most people have no idea about it. It is indeed a well kept secret. I would go back to the U in a New York minute if I wanted another degree. One note about the people- Salt Lake City is actually very diverse. There are all kinds of people there, certainly not just blond haired, blue eyed Mormons, though, you can find them too. Mormons are some of the nicest, smartest, and most educated people you can find in the US. Some are a bit cliquish, but that's true of some people in any religious group. Most are great people, great friends to have, and perfectly fine with tou even if you aren't also Mormon. So don't let a few differences in people put you off. There are restaurants of all kinds there. And the skiing!! Best snow on Earth, for real. The University of Utah is a Great place. Go visit it and see for yourself; you'll love it!

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I graduated from the University of Utah in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts and a minor in psychology. After getting my degree, I did three things. First, I took a short-term teaching assignment in the South Indian Ocean at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. It seemed to be the perfect preparation for the University of Utah. Second, I joined the faculty in the School of Family and Consumer Sciences where, to my surprise, I loved it. Third, and most importantly, I went back to the University in October 1995 to begin graduate school there. After a year out I got recruited back to a full-time teaching position in the School of Family and Consumer Sciences at Florida State University. From October 1996 through May 1997 I taught at the University. My job there involved working with graduate students on research projects regarding family history. You.

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